Nature Gives the Best, The magical Drugs: The Sky Fruit Seed!

The Sky Fruit Seed or Mahogany is a tropical tree which grows in most tropical area. This tree can grow until 40 meters. After 7 years, it can produce seeds which is believed can cure some health illnesses. The seeds  has a browny skin with oval, square or pentagon form. People, especially in Indonesia, believe the bitter taste is the cause of how this seeds can reduce many disease symptoms. In the year of 1996, scientist found Saponins and Flavonoids that are beneficial for health. In fact, the seeds contain of vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, proteins and nutrients needed Bay the body. There are so many advantages of Mahogany aside from the bulky tree.

sky fruit seed

sky fruit seed

Mostly, people utilize the mahogany tree for making furniture for craft. Quoted from Wikipedia, Mahogany or Sky Fruit is believed can reduce around 47%-69% of air pollution by absorbing pollutants and releasing O2 more. When monsoon comes, it will absorb the water from the roots and save water better. Aside from the beneficial tree, As the technology grows fast, pharmacy develops the function of the seeds. It has a lot of functions for general health  that people still don’t know. It is a good news to relinquish the chemical drugs-addiction.

The Sky Fruit Seed has Flavonoid subtance which can fix the blood circulation and the Saponin will be good for heart health. The second function is it can stabilize the blood sugar levels, so it is good for diabetes. Besides, some of malignant disease like alzheimer is believed can reduce the effect of the disease. By adding Mahogany powder into a cup of milk will keep the body healthy. The next magical function is that increase the weight. For some people who has difficulities in gaining the wight, it might help a lot.

sky fruit seed extract

The magical seeds, Sky Fruit Seed, is supposedly to be cultivated since the function is so innovative and can release us from drugs addiction with natural cure. Just drink 16 grams of Mahogany seeds with water (4 cups) will decrease the blood pressure. Besides, it also helps too much bleeding and reduces pain. What else that we can expect from magical seeds which has anti-inflamantory? This might become the irreplaceable health solution at the future. The government should launch a program of cultivating and developing Mahogany tree for the best solution in health problems and the environment. It is a long term solution that should be realized. More information about benefits and side effects on sky fruit seed, see in Mahogany Seed Benefits and Side Effects article.

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