Medlar Fruit with Abundance of Health Benefits

The Medlar fruit may not be too familiar to certain people. But surprisingly, this fruit is one of the superfruits with lots of health benefits. This fruit is edible and has a sour taste when it’s eaten raw. And it makes a delicious desserts and jellies. Despite the fact some people dislike the fruit due to its tart taste, there is a lot of great substances in the fruit. It includes generous amounts of carbohydrates, proteins, water, potassium, vitamin A, C, B1 and B2 and lipids. Shortly said, the fruit offers lots of fiber and no calories which make it perfect item to lose some weight. And since it’s low in sugar content, people will diabetic will love this fruit.

According to the research, this medlar tree fruit is definitely free from fat, sodium and cholesterol. So it’s a perfect choice for healthy consumption. Aside from having no dangerous contents for health, this fruit has abundance of other beneficial properties. Thiamine is one of the beneficial properties in this fruit. Thiamine is an important property that helps the digestion. It’s also involved in the heart, muscles and nervous system. Even more it also has important role in maintaining good flow of the electrolytes to be in and out of muscle and nerve cells, in maintaining good enzymatic process and good carbohydrate metabolism.

medlar fruit

In every medlar fruit, there is also pectin, a dietary fiber. This has important function to act as laxative in preserving the colon moisture. It also helps in protecting the mucous membrane of the colon by reducing the exposure time against any toxic properties. Pectin also binds the bile acids and then excretes is from your body. This way, the cholesterol re-absorption in your body can be decreased as well as the blood cholesterol levels.

Molecular water is another beneficial property in medlar fruit. This type of water is important to help detoxifying the body and stimulating hydration. As a result, the body will be free from any toxins. Manganese, calcium, copper and iron are other beneficial properties in this fruit. Manganese is crucial property for superoxide dismutase and antioxidant enzyme. Calcium is important property to build the bones and keep them healthy. Copper is essential to maintain the red blood cells production. Meanwhile, iron is important for cellular oxidation and formation of red blood cell.

Moreover, there is also ascorbic acid inside the fruit. It’s a particular property that acts as natural supplement and antioxidant to boost iron and vitamin C absorption. As a result, it leads to stronger immune system. So, when you have a cold or fever, this fruit can be natural cure.

1.             Treatment for External Blister

With huge amount of vitamin C, medlar fruit is able to treat external blister. It becomes an ideal fruit to treat bleeding from gums and teeth. In fact, the unripe medlar fruit can act as astringent as well. This allows the fruit to track the mucous membrane. You can get the benefit by eating the fresh fruit in daily basis and increase the dosage when you have bleeding teeth, gum or external blister.

2.             Treat Constipation

As explained earlier, medlar fruit is rich in fiber. The fiber itself is responsible to regulate the bowel movement and digestion. It can give instant result within only few times intake. What you need to do to get the benefit is eating the fresh medlar fruits. Soon, the fruit will remove the stomach ailment and bloated stomach. However, do not take too many fruits. Too many fibers to consume can lead you to diarrhea.

3.             Regulate Good and Bad Cholesterol Level

Just like sky fruit seed, The vegetable fiber inside this fruit has another benefit. It also affects the lipids and fats metabolism inside your body. Thus, it is able to help regulating and maintaining the good and bad cholesterol level. At the same time, it also enhances your blood and cleanses your liver and kidney. Exactly, it’s multi benefits at once. No wonder this super fruit is definitely one of a kind.

4.             Protection from Free Radicals

Free radicals are bad to your body. Bad free radical accumulation can trigger serious diseases including cancer. By consuming medlar fruit in regular basis, it means you consume enough antioxidant substances that can help fighting against the free radicals.

5.             Improve Eyesight

The next on the list of medlar fruit benefits is to improve the eyesight. Medlar is capable to eliminate fainting and dizziness. It results to improved eyesight. Spending too many hours in front of PC often leads to worsened eyesight. So, if you consider yourself as such person, consuming this fruit in daily basis is effective alternative to maintain eyesight. At least, you do the necessary prevention before something worse happens.

6.             Regular Menstrual Cycle

Women can get another health benefit from red medlar fruit. This benefit is regular menstrual cycle. It also offers other benefits including eliminating nausea and hunger that usually occurs before the menstrual cycle comes. Meanwhile, men are also given benefits as the fruit can help eliminate impotence and prevent prostate cancer.

7.             Treat Malaria

Surprisingly, benefits of sky fruit are also available on medlar fruit. This fruit is also able to help fighting off the malaria, a life-threatening disease that often takes lives of people. It’s the tree bark which helps to treat malaria. Meanwhile, the mucus found in the medlar seeds can be also used as coating to treat serious skin injuries.

medlar fruit fo malaria

Many people eat the fresh medlar fruit in daily basis. But some people who do not live in the areas native to the tree can get alternative by consuming the powder form. Usually, you can make herbal tea from the medlar fruit powder. The recommended dosage is one glass of hot water and one tablespoon powdered medlar fruit. Stir it for a few seconds and leave it for a few minutes until it’s dissolved. Then, drink the tea once to three times a day according to your health condition. To get a hand in this wonderful gift from the nature, simply buy medlar fruit product at this online store. Not only are you provided with high quality product but also medlar fruit for sale.

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