Important Facts and Information about Mahogany

Mahogany tree is one of the most popular tree species in the world. This tree also has so many benefits for human life since the wood and even the seed can be used for so many purposes. Scientific name of mahogany is Swietenia and this species can be mostly found in South America region. This tree is a very important commodity in furniture industry and it is the favorite for many people who want to have strong and durable furniture and even flooring. If you want to know more about mahogany tree information and its benefits, let’s find out the facts about this tree here.

Mahogany Facts

There are three different mahogany species and where does mahogany come from?. The first one is Honduran mahogany (Swietenia macrophylla). This species is characterized by its bigger leaf and it is the most grown mahogany in the world. Even though it is called Honduran, but we can also find this species in Mexico and Brazil. Most of the mahogany wood we find in the market today is a macrophylla.

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The second species is West Indian or Cuban mahogany (Swietenia mahagoni). This is the only mahogany that is native to USA, to be precise in Southern Florida. It is also found in Caribbean and some part of Mexico. This mahogany species is very rare and it is very hard to use it commercially. Meanwhile, the third species is called Swietenia Humilis. It is found in Central America and just like Cuban Mahogany it is very rare and seldom used for commercial utility.

Mahogany is very famous for its height. Some reports about mahogany tree information stated that mahogany can grow as tall as 200 feet and the leaves can be as large as 20 inches. However, normally the tree grows up to 50 feet.

Mahogany is deciduous tree but there are some species found as semi evergreen. Mahogany’s bark smells very sweet and this scent helps attracting bees and other insect that will be useful for flower pollinations.

Mahogany is not only beneficial when it is cut down as a ready-to-use product. Even in its tree form, mahogany is very advantageous, especially the roots. Mahogany roots are very strong so it can help preventing erosion.

Benefits of Mahogany

One of the most important things you need to find out when you are searching for mahogany tree information and facts are the benefits. Mahogany is very popular so you might be wondering what is mahogany used for that the demand for this tree is always high. To answer this question, it will be best if we divide it into two categories. The first one is the wood while the second one is the seed. Here are the benefits of each part.

  1. Benefits from the Woods

As we know, the most important and major uses of mahogany tree is to make furniture. The first reason why mahogany tree is a very popular furniture material is due to its beautiful reddish-brown color. Unlike natural brown, reddish brown is fresher and more elegant. Therefore, it can easily fit any style of house. Furthermore, the texture and grain of mahogany is really one of a kind and can easily elevate any type of house decoration.


classic mahogany bedroom furniture

But the most important benefit of mahogany wood is definitely because of its strength and durability. Mahogany is very rigid and hard to be bent. Therefore, mahogany is the best to create furniture or things with simple lines and don’t have too many curves. Despite of its rigidity, most furniture maker said that mahogany wood is very workable and many beautiful creations can be made on it.

elegant mahogany furniture computer table

elegant mahogany furniture computer table

  1. Benefits from the Seeds

Mahogany seed contains so many health benefits that it is very sought after in some countries. Mahogany tree is called sky fruit tree in Singapore and sky fruit seed is a popular alternative medicine in this country.

Many studies have proven that mahogany or sky fruit seed contributes greatly in lowering cholesterol. This is possible because the seed contains plenty of flavonoid that can help with blood circulation. Thanks to the flavonoid, our blood vessel will be clean from bad cholesterol and other substances that can inhibit blood circulation. Furthermore, sky fruit seed is also rich in saponins. Just like flavonoid, it can help preventing blood clotting and promote better heart health. So, if you are currently suffering from heart disease, high blood pressure or simply want to keep your heart healthy, mahogany seed is the supplement that will be suitable to you.


Besides preventing heart disease, sky fruit seed can also be used to regulate blood sugar level, hence a very beneficial medicine for people suffering from diabetic. Once again, this benefit is also possible thanks to the rich saponin level in the mahogany seed.

Mahogany seed not only can be used to treat dangerous diseases like heart problem or diabetic. As a matter of fact, you can also use it to treat constipation, insect bites, eliminating menstrual pain and also increasing appetite. See more health benefits and side effects of mahogany seeds in this article.

Price of Mahogany Wood

If you are currently renovating your house and you want to use mahogany, make sure you carefully read all mahogany tree information you can find, especially regarding the price. This is very important because name can be deceiving. At the store, you will find various type of mahogany tree with different prices.

Mahogany wood is very strong and durable. So, when you spot a type with very affordable price, it is normal to be attracted. But you need to be careful because some woods that are dubbed as mahogany are not even mahogany while some true mahogany doesn’t even have mahogany in its name.

For example, Philippine mahogany is actually not a mahogany. It is actually a member of Dipterocarpaceae instead of Swietenia. It is usually priced at around $3 per board foot and it is not as durable as real mahogany. The price of real mahogany will differ according to its quality but normally it is around $12 per board foot. Meanwhile, the best and rarest type like Cuban mahogany can carry a price tag of $30 per board foot.


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